Empirical analysis of export trade patterns from China to Latin America

Xiwei Zhong, Honghui Wang Wang


In recent years, the relations between China and Latin America have experienced a
dramatic deepening. Latin America is expected to become the last part of the magnificent "The Belt and
Road" development program, in order to achieve a new historic opportunity for commercial cooperation
between China and Latin America. In this case, it is necessary to carry out a deeper analysis of the
export potential between the two parties. First, from a historical perspective, this work analyses
the development and current situation of trade between China and Latin America, the structure of
commodities of export from China to Latin America and the distribution of the country through the UN
statistical database. Then analyses the competitiveness and trade complementarity between China and
the main Latin American countries using the formula. According to the results, since the 20th century
the import and export trade between China and Latin America has grown vigorously, but the growth
rate has slowed and has even declined in recent years. Between China and Latin American countries
there is a strong degree of complementarity in trade, but this degree has shown a downward trend.
Among Latin American countries, Mexico is the country that dominates the highest competitiveness and
the least narrow trade link with China; While Venezuela, Peru and Chile are the countries that maintain
the greatest complementarity and the strongest trade link with China. Finally, this work proposes welltargeted
policy recommendations.


Latin American countries, export trade, competitiveness, complementarity.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18002/sin.v9i2.6194


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